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Lilian Bryant might not be a household name to many music lovers and record collectors today, as it but rarely appears undisguised on the many thousand recordings she was heard on between the late 1890s and 1928. One of the pioneers of the British recording industry, she became "musical director" for the Edison-Bell cylinder recording studio shortly before the turn of the last century - a position that meant rehearsing with singers and instrumentalists, playing piano accompaniments for them, but also arranging and orchestrating music for recording purposes, and last not least conducting the in-house orchestra. As the early studio orchestras consisted mainly of wind instruments that registered well on the primitive recording equipment, they were mostly recruited from local military bands and led by military bandmasters. It is thus a particular exception to find a woman in this position, apart from the fact that woman conductors and composers were anyway considered an oddity in late-Victorian England. Despite these unfavourable circumstances, Mme. Bryant made her career, that had started at the very beginning of commercial record production in London, with various major companies over more than two decades: From 1905 to 1908 she was employed by Louis Sterling, in whose studios both Sterling cylinders and Odeon discs were recorded, to conduct for stars like John McCormack, and organize the first complete recordings of Gilbert & Sullivan operas ever. When Sterling had to sell his enterprise to Pathé Frères, that company promptly dismissed their former musical director in her favour. With the "Imperial Symphony Orchestra" under her direction, British Pathé produced pioneering recordings of symphonic and concert music. Beside all this studio work, Bryant found time to tour as piano accompanist (e.g. for Peter Dawson), compose, and conduct theatre orchestras in and around London. When the Great War put an end to Pathé's London studio, she worked as rehearsal pianist for HMV for several years (occasionally recording under her married name "Mrs. George Baker"), and in the 1920s, she resumed her career as musical director in the recording studio, this time for the newly-founded Crystalate company ("Imperial" and "Chantal de Luxe" labels). Her final recordings were made for Columbia in the mid-1920s.


Piano an all tracks played by Lilian Bryant.

01) Valse chromatique (Benjamin Godard, op.88) 2:44
issued as by "Lola Moretti" - Pathé <8920> (MC 78787 [65324 RA]) - London, ca.07.1910

02) THE BELLE OF NEW YORK (Gustave A. Kerker), Act I: Teach Me How To Kiss 2:32
Alma Jones (A) - Edison-Bell Indestructible cyl. 801 (mx. 801) - London, ca.1901

03) THE NOBLE OUTLAW (Henry R. Bishop): The Pilgrim Of Love "Orynthia, my beloved!" 2:40
Albert Pearce (T) - Edison-Bell brown-wax cyl. 900 - London, ca.1900

04) On A Sunday Afternoon (Harry Von Tilzer / Andrew B. Sterling) 2:18
Harry Macdonough (T) - Edison-Bell Indestructible cyl. 9025 (mx. 9025) - London, 08.1902

05) ROBIN HOOD (Reginald De Koven), Act II: Oh Promise Me 2:23
Harry Macdonough (T) - Edison-Bell Indestructible cyl. 9026 (mx. 9026) - London, 08.1902

06) What Is The Use Of A Man? (anonymous) 2:18
Florrie Forde (fV) - Edison-Bell moulded cyl. 6262 (mx. 6262) - London, 05.1904

07) Rondo Capriccioso (Felix Mendelssohn, op.14) 2:43
issued as by "Lola Moretti" - Pathé <8920> (MC 78786 [66100]) - London, ca.07.1910

08) Le Carnaval de Venise - Variations burlesques (Heinrich W. Ernst, op.18) 2:48
Jan Rudenyi (vn) - Pathé <8910> (MC 79370 [80831 RA]) - London, ca.08.1911

09) An Silvia (Franz Schubert / William Shakespeare) "Who is Sylvia?" 2:27
Rosina Buckman (S) - Pathé 5413 (MC 93686) - London, ca.07.1914

10) Il bacio (Luigi Arditi / Gottardo Aldighieri) "The Dream Of Home" (Henry Farnie) 3:06
Rosina Buckman (S) - Pathé 5413 (MC 93689) - London, ca.07.1914

11) Sérénade (Alfred d'Ambrosio, op.4) 2:55
Jan Rudenyi (vn) - Pathé 6314 (MC 92857•) - London, ca.07.1913

12) Rapsodie hongroise (Raimond Pechotsch) 2:54
Jan Rudenyi (vn) - Pathé 6314 (MC 92858) - London, ca.07.1913

13) Noël des enfants qui n'ont plus de maison (M + W: Claude A. Debussy) 2:47
Marie Louise Edvina (S) - Gramophone 2-033072 (mx. HO 4084 af) - Hayes/Middlesex, 05.11.1919

14) 21 UNGARISCHE TÄNZE (Johannes Brahms, WoO.1), 5: Allegro "Bartfai-Emlek" (arr.: Joseph Joachim) 2:41
Alfred Indig (vn) - Columbia D 9731 (mx. F 8) - London, ca.06.1923

15) SPANISCHE TÄNZE (Pablo de Sarasate, op.23), 1: Playera 2:59
Alfred Indig (vn) - Columbia D 9731 (mx. F 9) - London, ca.06.1923

16) Vliegpostmarsch (anonymous) 3:11
Columbia D 9061 (mx. 68965) - London, ca.03.1923

17) Slavische Serenade (possibly: Josef Weiss, op.55,1) 3:18
Columbia D 9061 (mx. 68966) - London, ca.03.1923

18) Pays de rêve (Maurice Yvain) 3:02
Columbia D 9063 (mx. 68990-1) - London, ca.03.1923

19) Electric Girl (Otto Helmburgh-Holmes) 2:54
Columbia D 9063 (mx. 68991-1) - London, ca.03.1923

20) DIE BAJADERE (Imre Kálmán): Wenn die Sterne am Himmel leuchten 3:00
Columbia D 9064 (mx. 68992) - London, ca.03.1923

21) DIE ERSTE NACHT (Hugo Hirsch): Wenn du einmal eine Braut hast 3:02
Columbia D 9064 (mx. 68993) - London, ca.03.1923

22) Je n' peux pas vivre sans amour (Gaston Gabaroche, Fred Pearly) 2:42
Columbia D 9066 (mx. 68996) - London, ca.03.1923

23) Wenn man allein ist (Theo A. Körner) 3:01
Columbia D 9066 (mx. 68997) - London, ca.03.1923

24) EIN SOMMERNACHTSTRAUM (Felix Mendelssohn), 10: Hochzeitsmarsch 3:00
Columbia D 9846 (mx. WF 236) - London, ca.1926

25) LOHENGRIN (Richard Wagner), Act III: Treulich geführt ziehet dahin 2:57
Columbia D 9846 (mx. WF 237) - London, ca.1926

26) NOCTURNES (Frédéric Chopin, op.9), 2: Nocturne Nr.2 in E-flat 2:50
Columbia/Regal G 8623 (mx. WA 3218) - London, ca.05.1926

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